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Araneae is a simple, basic, free html editor. Its beauty lies in its ability to be edited to possess the tools that the user wants rather than the tools someone else thinks he wants. Other html editors suffer from either being so minimal that they do not work very well, or so well endowed with stuff that the user wastes a lot of time just finding the tools that he wants, and they never can be easily edited.


The basic Araneae installer can be downloaded from Ornj. It installs on Linux Mint or Ubuntu easily using Wine. Inside the Araneae Directory is a Sub-directory called extensions, with translation files for 5 languages and 19 program text files. These text files can be edited to create or modify Quick Clips (see pictures) and the document choices. I chose to replace the XML clips with a set of Latex clips, greatly expanded the HTML clips and mildly changed two other clip sets. Any Linux user can download my Clips from this website (provided wget is installed) by putting the following into the terminal:

   wget .

Just replace with these 4 files the 4 files in the Araneae extensions Directory that bear the same name.