Douglas Willett Family Photos - Doug - 1937+
Douglas was born on May 25, 1937 on a farm in Adams County, North Dakota. Dr. J. E. Curtis, assisted by Mrs. Clark, Grandmother Christman and Grandmother Willett, made the delivery at 8:10. Douglas weighed 9.5 pounds, was 20 inches long, 6inches across at the chest and had a big head, 14 inches in circumference. It was later determined to be mostly full of air. Doug had more hair, black in color, than a baby ape and didn't smile untill day ten. Pedigree:
Douglas Warren WillettWarren Hubert WillettNoah Franklin Willett
Celestia Willett
Alma Caroline Christman-WillettJohn Christman
Kathryn Christman

Doug was 2.5 feet high and weighed 23 pounds at 6 months of age. He took his first steps at 10.5 months of age, running from a chair to a couch. He sprouted his first tooth at 4:45 PM, January 6, 1938, and didn't spit it out until the fall of 1943. For his first birthday, he received conventional suits from Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma Christman and Uncle Ed and Grace, and a sailor suit from Grandpa and Grandma Willett. He never bought another suit for the rest of his life. He also received a jug of home-made ice cream from Grandpa John, and was hooked for the rest of his life. Finally he got 50 cents from Grandpa Noah and a whole dollar from Uncle Cork, and still has 75 cents remaining. His next three birthdays were all similar - lots of relatives, suits, cakes, home-made ice cream and 25 or 50 cents here and there. His mother trimmed his hair for the first time on July 20th, 5 days short of 2 months of age. He got a real trimming about 2 months later at Mrs. Blakely's beauty shop while his mother was getting her ends curled. His first barber shop cut was on April 23rd, 1938, at the ripe age of 11 months. The atrocity occurred at the Surring barber shop in Lemmon, South Dakota. He never had it cut again.
doug 1 year old

Doug - 1 year old

Abandoned spooky homestead
across gully from our house.

Our farm house with windcharger base on roof.


Aunt Irene (Christman)

Alma & Warren on the farm.

Aunt Elsie (Christman)

1930's Model A or T

Grandma Christman

Uncle Lester (Christman)

Doug & Cousins Bev & Ron

Above & Right: 1930's

Great Aunt (from Minnesota), Noah, Warren, Doug
Beverly, Doug, Larry, ?,? - Beverly & Larry Becker & Durwood were my whole grade school for the first 6 years.

My transport for the 4 miles to grade school was walking, horse, scooter (above) and finally jeep (way below).

Winning purple ribbon (best) at county fair. I was sick from nervesousness!

Condor & Princess

At South Dakota Tech

Warren, Alma & Doug. Middle four are Howard Eliasson & MN relatives. Grandma & Grandpa Willett, Peanuts.
Upper left with Demian at Highland Estates.

Upper right & right: Doug, Dwight & Connie.

Below, Highland Estates home just after purchase.

Playing ball at recess; 1 batter, 1 pitcher, 2 fielders & schoolhouse as catcher.

First new student & first love; grade 7.

Grade schoolmates, 8 & 6 years.

1960 Caltech, Moreno Dr., Pasadena

Late 1950's, School of Mines